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Saturday, 16 February 2019

Changes of the 2.7 version of SyndeoCMS

Below you see a overview of the 2.7 version of SyndeoCMS.
This version has been released on  01-10-2008.

  • Passwords
    When you add or change a pupil, teacher or administrator you have now the possibility to 'force' at the first login of the user, that he must change his password.
    When using this option, it's not allowed anymore to use the old password again. 

  • Teacherpage as homepage
    In the pupils module you have now the possibility to show the teacherpage first (as a kind of homepage) when you click on the groups name on your website. Standard is shown an overview of the pupils with a link to their pages.

  • **Dummy** group
    A **dummy** group is added as a class which is not shown on the website but can be used for teachers who doesn't have a class.
    When this teacher logged on at the site, the classes are shown now.

  • Category in template
    When you use the Category option in the pagemanager (it's necessary that the template supports it), you can give the category a sort order.
  • Inputfields (security)
    The security of the inputfields used in the modules formsbuilder, mailpage, guestbook and advertisement are so changed that its difficult for spambot robots to 'use' them. 
  • Startcenter
    The startcenter of the admin part of the site has been changed. The option 'News update' is added. Here you can read the latest news of SyndeoCMS (for example important updates/info or new releases).
    This message appears automatically on your screen. With this option the SyndeoCMS development team can reach everybody who uses SyndeoCMS very quick with the latest news. 

  • Print button
    The 'Print button' is not on the page anymore when you click on the 'Print page' link. 
  • Logging
    It's now possible to fill in the number of days you want to keep the logging entries:

  • New module (video)
    Our new module called 'Video' is ready. With this module it's easy to place and manage films with the extentions (at this moment) wmv, mov and swf in an easy way on your website. With this module you can :
    • Upload films to the site (it depends on the configuration of your website how big the files can be). We have tried to built in a FTP program, but at this moment it is not possible.
    • For each film you can place a description which will be shown on the website
    • You can place one film, a group of films or all films on a page
    • you can change the picture thumbnail of the film. For example you can make a screenshot of the film and place this picture
    • You have the possibility to change the height and the width of the film window
    • The possibility to select: to see the controls, to start the film automatically or if you want to repeat it
    • A welcome text can be placed above the film overview
    • You can manage the sort order of the films
    • Give the number of film thumbs on a page
    Click here to see a example overview of films or here to take a look in the manual for all the possibillities of this module.

    Below you see some screenshots of the admin part.

  • Photo module (rewritten Allbum module)
    Because the code of the current Allbum module was very difficult to maintain (this module was written by someone else), the Allbum module is rewritten to a module called Photo Album.
    With this 'new' module it's easier to make albums, add pictures, change picture, sort them etc. With this module it is also possible to group photo albums on a page.
    You can see here all the possibilities of this module.
  • Newsletter (bugje)
    The administrator of a newsletter sees now only the newsletter which he 'owns'. In the previous version he saw all the newsletters when there was no email address filled in.
  • News module
    Now it's possible to make a newsitem with a date in the future. This newsitem appears automatically on the website when the date is reached for publication.
  • Message module
    Now it's possible to make a message with a date in the future. This message appears automatically on the website when the date is reached for publication.
  • Update FCK Editor
    The FCK editor is updated to 2.6.3 which also works with Googles Chrome browser.

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