SyndeoCMS is made for primary Schools 'all over the world' so there are a couple of languages which can be used in this CMS. The available language files can be found here:

At this moment, SyndeoCMS supports the following languages :
  • English (up to date 2.8),
  • Spanish (up to date 2.6) (thanks to Mark van Ewijk),
  • Brazilian-Portugese VACANT
  • Norwegian (up to date 2.7) (thanks to Henry Jovik),
  • Dutch (2.8) (Fred)
  • Swedish (Thomas Karlsson )
  • German (up to date 2.7) (thanks to Carsten Schröder)
  • Chinese, (thanks to Jinhe Pei),
  • Japanese (up to date 2.8) (thanks to Satomi Ide)
  • Turkish, (thanks to Ylker Turen),
  • French, (up to date 2.5) (thanks to Thomas Fleith, Jean Peyratout),
  • Polish VACANT
  • Finnish (up to date 2.5) (thanks to Timo Tervo),
  • Danish (thanks to Ole Bang Ottosen),
  • Italian (up to date 2.7) (thanks to Antoni Anto, Enrico Centenaro).
  • Bulgarian (up to date 2.7) (thanks to Stefan Stefanov)
  • Hungarian (up to date 2.5) (thanks to Gabi Beni)
  • Czech