Migration from MYSQL to MYSQLI functions

In the future the php mysql functions will be deprecated and so we have implemented mysqli functions in Syndeocms 3.2.
This means that before you migrate to 3.2 you have to change your own template code.

Syntax for mysql and mysqli Functions:
mysqli Function mysql Function
mysqli_connect($db_server, $db_username, $db_password, $db_name) mysql_connect($db_server, $db_username, $db_password) followed by
mysqli_errno($db) mysql_errno() or mysql_errno($db)
mysqli_error($db) mysql_error() or mysql_error($db)
mysqli_fetch_array($result) mysql_fetch_array($result)
mysqli_fetch_assoc($result) mysql_fetch_assoc($result)
mysqli_fetch_row($result) mysql_fetch_row($result)
mysqli_insert_id($db) mysql_insert_id($db)
mysqli_num_rows($result) mysql_num_rows($result)
mysqli_query($db,$query) mysql_query($query) or
mysqli_select_db($db,$dbname) mysql_select_db($dbname)
mysqli_real_escape_string($db,$data) mysql_real_escape_string($data)

If you use a editor like notepad++ you can do following replaces:
mysql by mysqli
mysqli_query( by mysqli_query($db,