Support info

SyndeoCMS is open source , but open source does not mean that everything is free.

There are three ways of support:

  1. Forum: You can use the forum to report bugs and ask questions about SyndeoCMS, which we will try to answer, also other users can help. This is tipically for people who can manage their own site. Twice a year a fixpac will be made available for the SyndeoCMS users.
  2. Personal email support: if you want direct support you can get a support contract for € 150 a year. This includes asking questions, reporting bugs and solving individual problems by email.
    Fixpacs, new features and fixes for individual problems are directly sent to you when they become available. You can use this form to contact me. 
  3. Hosting and support for schools: we have an exclusive cooperation with:
    where you can get an installed SyndeoCMS, there is a dutch Forum available and creation of custom templates. Fixpacs and new releases will be automatically installed.
  4. For hosting and support in Australia and New Zealand :