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Friday, 22 March 2019

Overview of 'open' and solved bugs of SyndeoCMS

Reported    Bug description    Status    Fixpack    Remark
jun 2007    When sending the Newsletters to everyone, the Newsletter sends it only to the owner    Fixed    2.5.01    See this topic
aug 2007    Pictures in Photo Allbum are not shown in IE6    Fixed    2.5.01    See this topic
aug 2007    When you have more than 9 Newsletters (id > 9), the sending of the newsletter went wrong    Fixed    2.5.01    -
aug 2007    The sort field by a Page at the Pagemanager had a maximum of 127    Fixed    2.5.01    -
aug 2007    Renaming of a Project went wrong    Fixed    2.5.01    -
sep 2007    Replacing a document at the Download module didn't work    Fixed    2.5.01    -
oct 2007    The sort order of the templates in Newsletter, News and the Pupils page editor was not alphabetical.    Fixed    2.5.01    -
oct 2007    After install the fixpac 2.5.01 the category news-archive is disappeared.    Fixed    2.5.01    See this topic
may 2008   Newsletter link has wrong option when sending the link instead of the content   Fixed   2.6.02   See this topic
juni 2008   You can't change de CSS code of the protected area via the Modulemanager.   Fixed   2.6.02   -
aug 2008   The administrator of a newsletter sees not only the newsletter he 'owns' but all of them when there was no email address filled in.   Fixed   2.7.00   -
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