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Friday, 22 March 2019

Overview of changes

Changelist for 3.2.00:
  • Latest version of CK editor 4.3.2
  • New template editor where you can change CSS directly from configuration
  • New slider module used in new editable template
  • Java upload applet has been replaced by plupload (uses HTML5)
  • PHP MYSQL functions have been replaceed by MYSQLI functions

Changelist for 3.1.00:
  • Latest version of CK editor 4.1
  • Possible to use Google webfonts in Configuration. See the readme_webfonts.txt file for instructions
  • Using icons in the admin part of the site (new look)
  • Several small bugs

Changelist for 3.0.02:

Small bug fixes
This zip includes fixes for version 3.0.01:
This is a code update for security issues found after the release of version 3.0.00 and 3.0.01.
Only thing you have to do is to upload the files from this zip unto your webserver.
With the help of

Changelist for 3.0.01:

This is a code update for security issues found after the release of version 3.0.00 Only thing you have to do is to upload the files from this zip unto your webserver.

With the help of

Changelist for 3.0.00:
  • For security reasons no javascript will be allowed in input fields
    In Configuration->Working environment you can allow javscript for the pagemanager editor only!
  • The chat and forum module will no longer be supported, modules can be removed via migration script
  • All forms have now form validation (required fields) via Jquery
  • Forms module: field definition has been highly simplified, added the email field, specify "E" for the length
  • Forms on the site can now be styled via css.
    add following to your style.css of the used template:
    #theForm {
    background: #B8D651;
    -moz-border-radius: 6px 6px 6px 6px;
    -webkit-border-radius: 6px 12px 6px 6px;
    #theForm li {
    background: #E5EBDF;
    and change the colors to your needs.

    PS. IE8 and below doesn't show rounded corners!
  • CKeditor version 3.6.1 is now fully integrated in the CMS.
    FCK editor can still be used for pagemanager but will not be included in the zip anymore.
  • Tagline added to the configuration, you need to change your template to use it.
    see forum:
  • Download module tables are sortable via jquery
  • Modules are shown aphabetical in modulemanager, users and module popup window
  • Several security fixes

Changelist for 2.9.00:
  • Possible to delete empty directories in filemanager of the editor.
  • Advertisment module can now have a picture added. You need to create a media/temp directory for the pictures.
  • Admin users : you can set all authorizations to yes or no with one click
  • Projects can be displayed with the most recent page first.
  • Improved layout in management, better readability.
  • Possible to change the meta tags description and keywords via the configuration. following needs to be added to your template in the <head> section
    <meta name="description" content="<?php echo $sas_config['meta_description'] ?>" />
    <meta name="keywords" content="<?php echo $sas_config['meta_keywords'] ?>" />
  • FCK editor 2.6.6
  • Several small bugs

Changelist for 2.8.1:
FCK editor version 2.6.5
advanced table options and "table with one click" icon
link description is now a small editor (was textarea)

Changelist for 2.8.02:
  • FCK editor (security update)
  • Following file extentions are blocked for upload: php,php3,php5,phtml,asp,aspx,ascx,jsp,cfm,cfc,pl,bat,exe,dll,reg,cgi
  • several small bugs

Changelist for 2.8.00:
  • complete new filemanager , based on TinyBrowser from Bryn Jones see
  • New poll module based on Advanced Poll 2.0.8 (PHP/MySQL) by Chi Kien Uong see:
  • Album module: option to be able for parents to upload a new album
  • News module: option to show archive button (yes or no)
  • Message module: option to show last message as first (yes or no)
  • mail module: show how many characters there are left to type for the message.
  • Guestbook module: IP adres will be stored together with guestbook entry.
  • FCK editor has been upgraded to version 2.6.4.
  • An email is sent to site email address when for an existing userid
  • too many logon attempts were done (10) and user gets revoked.
  • revoked users will have a warning icon behind their name in admin views.
  • form module has a date option by defining "D" as length field.
  • fixed some small bugs.

Changelist for 2.7.00:
  • When you add or change a pupil, teacher or administrator you have now the possibility to 'force' at the first login of the user, that he/she must change his/her password. When using this option, it's not allowed anymore to use the old password again.
  • In the pupils module you have now the possibility to show the teacherpage first (as a kind of homepage) when you click on the groups name on your website. Standard an overview is shown of the pupils with a link to their pages.
  • A **dummy** group is added as a class which is not shown on the website but can be used for teachers who doesn't have a class.
  • When you use the category option in the pagemanager (it's necessary that the template supports it), you can give the category a sort order.
  • The security of the input fields used in the modules formsbuilder, mailpage, guestbook and advertisement are better secured against spambots.
  • The startcenter of the admin part of the site has been changed. The option 'News update' is added. Here you can read the latest news of SyndeoCMS (for example important updates/info or new releases).
  • The 'Print button' is not on the page anymore when you click on the 'Print page' link.
  • It's now possible to fill in the number of days you want to keep the logging entries.
  • A new module called 'Video'. With this module it's easy to place and manage films with the extentions (at this moment) wmv, mov and swf in an easy way on your website.
  • the Allbum module has been rewritten, because the old code was to complex to maintain. It now only supports pictures files (JPG, PNG and GIF).
  • News module: Now it's possible to make a newsitem with a date in the future. This newsitem appears automatically on the website when the date is reached for publication.
  • Same for message module.
  • FCK editor 2.6.3 which also works with Googles Chrome browser.
  • Newsletter : email option owner and sender are now required fields.
  • fixed some small bugs.
    Changelist for 2.6.00:
  • User logging is added. Here you can see who has logged on at your website or tried to do so. You can see the date, time, IP-address and user information.
  • A teacher can now change the properties of a pupil (module classpages)
  • A new project page is made with the index on the top of the page horizontal. Also the index of a pupil page is on the top (module classpages), so they both have the same layout.
  • Project directories in filemanager are changed to start with a "P" eg P3.
  • You only see the modules on your screen for which you have access to (module manager).
  • Only 'authorized' users can change the CSS or the description of a module. If you are not authorized, the 'Edit' possibility is not shown before the modulename (module manager).
  • You can clear the CSS of all modules by one click and restore the basic CSS by one click (module manager).
  • It is also possible to propagate the CSS of a module to other modules (module manager).
  • The possibility to make a page hidden on the website. It is not possible to see the page with a URL you know (pagemanager).
  • Calender has a new layout and possibilities, more adjustable possibilities for colors, a new color picker to select the color, automatic resize of the calendar, directly jump to the month and year and possibillity to start the week with the sun
  • or monday.
  • A new template is added with the name 'contrast_80'.
  • The FCK-editor is upgraded to 2.5.1 and in the editor a movie plugin is added.
  • You can add a order to a project so you can make your own orderlist of projects.
  • Newsletter : header and footer are now edited via the FCK editor.
  • Message module: message itself is now edited via the FCK editor.
    Changelist for 2.5.01:
  • News articles have a real date now (was textfield) so the articles have a now a good sort order (on the date field). The date of a News article can be placed by a date picker button
  • The News archive is now also categorized.
  • You can change the date of a message by using a date picker button
  • A print button is added to the Statistics report.
  • Allbum module: adding files to allbum screen is simplified.
  • When you add or editing an admin user, section lists appears on the screen so you can easily fill in the sections field of the admin user.
  • Added separate email address for logging, see logging config.
  • You can turn off sending error mails by leaving email address blank
    Changelist for 2.5.00:
  • SyndeoCMS has a new startpage in the admin part of the site. On the startpage you will see quick links for information, a view of the last site changes, the number of all the users and the number of pages (public and protected) on your site.
  • A Teacher has now the possibility to edit their project pages
  • Logged in teacher will get seperate dropdown menus for classes and projects.
  • Filemanager: - Pupil and group directories are separated
    - Pupils name behind the directory number
    - You can delete multiple selected files in the filemanager
    - Multiple File Upload is now also available for the Pupils and Teachers
    - Via the Filemanager you can create directories for the Pupils and Teachers
    - Filecheck for unwanted or suspicious files.

  • Error logging: If there is a problem, a error message will be created. There is a possibility to send de message to the developer.
  • The FCK-editor is updated to 2.4. In this new version bugs are solved and for example the editor can go to full screen mode.
  • Via the editor you can save the page as an template to starnet\media\templates
  • All modules will have pre defined CSS classes which can be changed from the module manager. This can be done for the public and the protected area.
  • You can now make several advertisement pages which can be connected to a page.
  • Guestbook: - Possibility to show or hidden the website link on the site.
    - Possibility to show or hidden the Email adress on the site.
    - Possibility of posting directly on the site or after a confirmation of the administrator
    - The choice to make the e-mail adress input field as required or not.
    - You can now make several Guestbook pages which can be connected to a page.
    - Possibility for a webadmin to react on a posting

  • Formsbuilder - Possibility to save the data of the submitted Forms in a table
    - Possibility to export the data of a Form to a csv-file (for example to import in Excel)
    - Possibility to place the inputfield behind or below the textfield
    - Possibility to view the data of the Forms.

  • Message - You can make several Message pages connected to a page.
    - Behind each Message page you can see the number of placed messages.
    - By clicking on the name you see the text of the message.
    - You can see which Message page is for the Protected Area.
    - You can place a header above the message

  • Allbum The choice to use the image size which is given in the configuration, or the image size of the picture itself.
    The last option prevents distortion of the picture if you use different sizes in an Allbum.

  • new module: portal module possible to show the last x items of guestbook, ads, newsletter etc. fully configurable.
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